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Soy Candles Near Me


If you are looking for beautiful and aromatic soy candles near me, consider purchasing soy candles from Illuminate Harmony Candle Company. This type of wax has a smooth, creamy consistency and it burns cleaner and slower. It also maintains the scent of a potent candle for the entire lifetime of the candle. Additionally, the wax in soy candles is also easier to clean up. The wax pool of soy candles is warm to the touch, and unlike paraffin candles, it can be cleaned with hot soapy water.


Illuminate Harmony Soy Candles on sale are hand-poured in New Jersey. Made with 100% natural essential oils and cotton wicks, these vegan and biodegradable candles are made to soothe and enhance your senses. Hand-poured into American-made glass containers, they are finished with a sustainably sourced wooden lid.

Illuminate Harmony Soy Candles on sale are available in a range of fragrances. Each 9oz candle burns for approximately 50 hours. They produce a subtle blend of wonderful and therapeutic aromas. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, which means it produces fewer soot particles and does not discolor furnishings and walls. So if you’re looking for soy candles near me, then consider Illuminate Harmony Candle Company.


If you’re looking for a new fragrance soy candles sale, look no further than the Illuminate Harmony line. This luxury line is guaranteed to be a hit with any true candle lover. Its signature scents, such as Yummy Cinnabuns, are highly aromatic and last between 40 and 50 hours.

Choose from a variety of scents within there soy candles sale, or try the limited-edition iterations, designed to highlight seasonal shifts. Each candle is completely non-toxic and vegan. They are also housed in a unique matte black glass container with a wooden lid, which doubles as a pen or scrunchie holder.

Inspired by a backyard zen garden, the White Tea and Ginger candle smells like relaxation. Its top and middle notes feature citrus, floral petals and ginger tea. The scent is rounded out with notes of musk and sandalwood. If you’re a fan of fresh, relaxing scents, this candle will be right up your alley. If your’re seeking soy candles near me, then give these a try.


Illuminate Harmony Candle Company is a company dedicated to creating healthy products. Founder Jessica, was inspired by a gift she received. She discovered that the name-brand candle she received left her with a splitting headache. Jessica and her husband began to research candle ingredients and began making their own candles.

We prioritize using only the highest quality ingredients for our soy candles for sale and melts. This helps consumers know exactly what’s in their candles. Illuminate Harmony is inspired by personal experience, and their commitments to quality and safety are unwavering. The candles they create are made with soy wax, essential oils, and cotton wicks.

Each of there candles and wax melts are hand poured in small batches by passionate candle makers. Available in matte black glass jars with wooden lids, matte black travel tins and 6 piece plastic clamshell containers.


If you are searching for a candle that is made from plant-based ingredients in the USA, you’ll find it with Illuminate Harmony Candle Company. Illuminate Harmony soy candles USA are made from American-grown soy wax and contain natural fragrances and plant extracts. These candles are durable, long-lasting, and free of toxins. The company’s founder, Jessica, became aware of the toxins in many of the products she uses every day and wanted to create an alternative. She began researching non-toxic candles and started experimenting with plant-based soy wax.

Many large candle companies use paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product. Burning a paraffin candle exposes you to toxins, including Pthalates, which are known to cause allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. By choosing soy candles near me made with vegetable wax, you can help the environment while enhancing your home’s decor.


Illuminate Harmony Candle Company is committed to using 100% plant-based ingredients in their products. The fragrances contained in Illuminate Harmony candles are free of toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful ingredients. Additionally, the company has opted to avoid using essential oils that have sustainability issues. Moreover, they sell a concrete outer vessel as well as a matte black glass vessel for the candles, which can be reused or refilled.

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