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About us

Your #1 Natural Soy Candle Company

Illuminate Harmony Candle Company is a natural soy candle company that makes quality natural soy wax products and promotes love and light with every product that we make β€”Β  we are an independently owned and operated small business. We are a natural soy candle company that makes our candles out of pure soy wax, which is a renewable and sustainable resource.

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At Illuminate Harmony Candle Company, we are a natural soy candle company that specializes in handmade soy candles that are made with pure soy wax, lead free wicks, and high quality, Phthalate-Free fragrance oils. As a natural soy candle company, we appreciate every customer that we get. Attention to detail is paid to every candle that we produce. We offer a variety of scented soy candles for every season and each of our soy candles are hand poured in NJ with love to the finest detail. We did a lot of testing to find the perfect wax blend for our natural soy candles recipes, trying different blends, wicks, colors, and scents. We also tested different burn time for our candles. It was difficult finding just the right one after so many trials but we finally found just the right blend to delight our customers. With the busy lives we lead, many of us find it difficult to find time to enjoy the simple things in life. As a result, we often neglect our sense of smell which can cause our mood and happiness to suffer. That’s why we’ve created a line of all highly scented soy candles that come in a variety of scents to please the senses! Turn on one of our candles, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing scent of our wonderfully, highly scented soy candles. Feel free to visit our shop twenty four hours a day or contact us for all of your candle needs.

Our Company Mission

Natural soy candles are a better alternative to traditional petroleum-based candles. Soy based candles are free of toxins, have a longer candle burn time, and emit less soot than paraffin wax. We pride ourselves in being a natural soy candle company this is also envirionmentally conscious. We are a natural soy candle company that offer a variety of amazing candle scents for every season that will leave your home smelling great. Our artisan soy candles are excellent air odor eliminators and have a clean candle burn. Our wax is very smooth and creamy, which allows it to absorb more scent oil. You can experience the glowing fragrance of Illuminate Harmony Natural Soy Candle Company candles without even taking off the lid. Our candles are all hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labeled. We believe in delivering a high-quality product and we believe we have achieved this with our natural soy wax candles. Our lovely scents provide peace and harmony where ever our candles are lit. Here at Illuminate Harmony Candle Company, we offer a range of high-quality container candles and wax melt products. Our mission is to provide luxury candles at an affordable price. From floral scents to more spicy aromas, there is something for every occasion.

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